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Jolywood and AZ Energy Join Forces for Advance Sustainable Energy Development in Australia

We are thrilled to announce the recent collaboration between Jolywood and AZ Energy, solidifying an agreement to bring 30MW of cutting-edge NIWA all-black mono-crystalline modules to the Australian residential market. This marks a pivotal moment in the partnership, propelling NIWA modules into the forefront of local residential photovoltaic projects.

The NIWA modules have garnered attention for their outstanding performance, boasting enhanced conversion efficiency, extended lifespan, and revolutionary LID-free technology. Notably, the sleek all-black design seamlessly integrates with architectural aesthetics, meeting the high demands of the local residential market.

Australia, renowned for its solar-friendly environment, is witnessing heightened competition in the residential photovoltaic market. The introduction of NIWA all-black modules perfectly addresses the market's demand, offering Australian customers an efficient, reliable, and visually appealing photovoltaic solution.

AZ Energy, a leading PV module wholesaler since its establishment in 2020, is set to strengthen its market presence through this collaboration. Sanya Saini, Director of AZ Energy, expresses confidence in the partnership, emphasizing how the NIWA all-black mono-crystalline modules align perfectly with Australian customers' performance and aesthetic requirements.


This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to advancing green technology, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for Australian households. Join us in celebrating this significant step towards a brighter and greener tomorrow!