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108 Cells N-type Bifacial Half-Cell Module
Product Model
Niwa Super JW-HD108N
Product description
Bifacial modules combine leading NTOPCon technology, 11BB and half-cell. The Jolywood N-type Bifacial Half-cell Module can reach power output up to 430W. 
N-type material has zero LID/LeTID risk, and make modules to be higher reliable, higher bifacility, higher efficiency, lower temperature coefficient and longer lifetime.
Product introduction
No. of Cells: 108pcs(12*9)
Peak Power(Pmax): 430W
Maximum Efficiency(%): 21.94%
Operating Temperature(℃):-40℃~+85℃
Maximum System Voltage(V)  :1500V(IEC)
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax*: -0.31%/℃
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT):  42±2℃