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Diligence is rewarded: Jolywood wins three major awards

On November 15, the Fifth China Photovoltaic Industry Forum (CPIF) and the 2020 China Good Photovoltaic Brand Award Ceremony kicked off in Beijing, joined by government leaders, business leaders, experts and scholars, focusing on the future prospects of the photovoltaic industry, the challenges faced by photovoltaic energy and other industrial issues. At the Award Ceremony, a number of representative industry awards were granted. Jolywood, as a leader of N-type TOPcon photovoltaic technology, won three major awards by virtue of brand innovations and technological breakthroughs: “Excellent PV Materials Supplier Award”, “Top Ten Cell/Module Supplier Award”, and “Top Ten Industrial and Commercial Distributed Photovoltaic Supplier Award”.

Dr. Chenjia speech at CPIF

Excellent PV Materials Supplier Award

Jolywood, as a leading supplier of photovoltaic materials, has been well-known for its excellent quality and reliable performance. Its backsheet and cell have both been highly recognized by the market, and its newly developed transparent backsheet enables the module to generate over 0.6% more electricity than the traditional double-glass module, with significant advantage in both installation cost and reliability, all attributable to its devotion to cutting-edge photovoltaic material manufacturing technology.

Top Ten Cell/Module Supplier Award

The popularity of Jolywood’s cells and modules in the market is closely related to its persistence in the research and development of photovoltaic technology. Jolywood believes that the core of the photovoltaic industry is cell technology, and only by constantly promoting the innovation of cell technology can the development of the whole photovoltaic industry be promoted. The N-type TOPCon 2.0 technology recently released by Jolywood is its latest scientific research achievement. The average mass production efficiency of TOPCon cells manufactured based on this technology can reach more than 24%, which is a new milestone in the development of N-type TOPCon technology. Jolywood has been promoting the continuous development and mass production application of N-type TOPCon technology. At present, with a capacity of 2.4GW N-type TOPCon cells and modules, Jolywood has become the largest manufacturer of N-type TOPCon cells and modules in the world.

  Top Ten Industrial and Commercial Distributed Photovoltaic Supplier Award

With the decline of the installation cost of photovoltaic modules in recent years, more and more enterprises choose to install photovoltaic modules, which can not only meet their own electricity needs, but also increase their income. Therefore, the industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic market has become extremely prosperous. Jolywood has always attached great importance to this market, and launched module products that are more suitable for industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaics as early as a few years ago. Its latest N-type TOPCon modules are also very popular in the industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic market, with excellent quality and high conversion efficiency favored by customers.

Mr. Lin Jianwei, Chairman of Jolywood, said: “I am very glad to win these three awards. It’s a recognition and encouragement to us. Our products are very welcome by customers in the market, which is the result of our persistent endeavor. We will continue to increase investment in research and development to promote the development of N-type TOPCon technology, so that more customers can benefit from our photovoltaic products.”

Chairman Lin Speaks at CPIF