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Jolywood launched new full-black bifacial module for rooftop projects

May 2020, Jolywood officially launched its new full-black bifacial module. The new product is designed for application of residential and commercial rooftop solar systems in Global markets, targeting at improve the rooftop solar systems efficiency while keeping a good appearance and easy installation to save the system costing.

The new product has full black appearance under the sunshine with no color difference , using high efficiency n-type TOPCon solar cells, combining with 9BB, half-cell technology, module efficiency up to 20.04%, highest power reaches 370Wp.

Due to the better silicon material structure, n-type full black solar module has almost zero LID, and annual degradation less than 0.4%. The usage of black mesh backsheet makes the module much lighter in weight while keep the character of backside power generation.

From test, under the normal way of installation on residential and commercial rooftops, the natural light go through the backside of module will generate additional more power.