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Jolywood Became The Lead Unit In The Preparation Of Industry Standards For Transparent Backsheets

March 12, 2020, China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA) issued a notice on the recruitment of ten members of the standard group for the preparation of photovoltaic auxiliary materials. Among them, jolywood (stock code: SZ300393) has become a Membrane "standard lead unit.

Since the launch of the transparent backsheet product in 2018, it has been recognized by the market, and its quality and reliability have been well received by customers. As a leading company in the field of transparent backsheets, CLAIC has continued to carry out technical research and development, and at the same time promoted the standardization process of backsheets, actively promoting the orderly and healthy development of the industry.

Jolywood has launched three series of 10 models of transparent backsheets, which can cope with 5 types of transparent backsheets for 1000V and 1500V modules. Five transparent mesh backsheets that can increase module power gain.

China Photovoltaic Industry Association said: In recent years, the update and iteration of photovoltaic module technology has accelerated the reform and innovation of domestic photovoltaic material production. The quality of photovoltaic raw and auxiliary materials is directly related to the conversion efficiency, safety and life of the module. Actively carrying out the revision of the standards for photovoltaic raw and auxiliary materials will help improve the photovoltaic material standardization system, fill industry gaps, improve product quality, and achieve healthy development of the photovoltaic materials industry.

About Jolywood(suzhou)sunwatt co., Ltd.

Jolywood(suzhou)sunwatt co., Ltd. was established in 2008 as a national high-tech enterprise. Successfully listed in 2014 (stock code: 300393), it is a unique A-share listed company with photovoltaic backsheet as its main business. The company's current net assets are nearly 3 billion yuan and total assets are nearly 6 billion yuan. The company's photovoltaic business sector continues to expand, adheres to leading technology as the core, is driven by struggling talents, focuses on customer development, focuses on the field of green new energy, and it has established four business segments: "Jolywood New Materials, Jolywood Solar Technology, Jolywood Minheng, Jolywood Xinneng".