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Jolywood made a speech on the global solar conference

As the pioneer of n-type bifacial technology industrialization, Jolywood talked about the rich experience for the module application of C&I and residential rooftop to discuss the latest development and improvements in the space of solar modules on a global solar conference.

Higher requirements are placed on solar modules due to the innovation and development of new products and technology. Nicolas Zhu, Jolywood’s sales director of the European & America region introduced their Niwa Pro and Niwa Black modules which are suitable for the European C&I and residential rooftop.

Niwa Pro and Niwa Black module

High power generation:

With the better weak illumination response, the n-type module generates electricity nearly two hours more than the p-type module per day. N-type module is more sensitive to light than the p-type module even on cloudy or snowy days with poor light. Besides, lab project data shows that compared with p-type multi module, average bifacial gain of n-type module is 14.2%.

High value return

TOPCon module has a strong advantage of LCOE. Based on the Germany 1 MW project, for the same LCOE, N-TOPCon module has an extra value of 2.59~3.2 cent/Wp vs. P-PERC.

High reliability

Jolywood Niwa module’s fireproofing performance reaching the highest fire rating-Class A standard with TUV certificate. And it has been awarded ‘Best Performance’ status by PVEL release of its PV Module Reliability Scorecard for the company’s high-efficiency, high-reliability N-type TOPCon module. Jolywood partners with Munich Re to provide products with 30-year power warranty.

monitor and evaluat actual generation by bifacial modules under different albedos

TUV Nord monitored and evaluated actual generation by bifacial modules under different albedos which verified that the Niwa series module achieved a 27.2% power gain in double side.

Jolywood has engaged in R&D, manufacture and sales of N-TOPCon for 6 years, which is the leading enterprise that has achieved a GW production capacity. With rich global project experience, more advanced equipment and lower LCOE, Niwa series module can be well adapted to variety projects. Jolywood will provide more high quality products to customers and help the promotion of global renewable energy.