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Jolywood n-type module entering LATAM market

The smarter E South America is LATAM’s innovation hub for the new energy world took place from October 18-20, 2021 in São Paulo. Jolywood Solar was invited to the show, presenting its Niwa Super and Niwa Black module which based on 182mm wafer half-cut cells equipped J-TOPCon 2.0 technology.

Focusing on the generation, storage, distribution and use of energy and the ways in which these aspects interact and can be intelligently combined, the smarter E South America brings together international stakeholders in the energy future from across the world’s most influential markets.

The Niwa Super of 72-cell is used for utility scale project, which has dimensions of 2285mm*1134mm and its just 30mm in depth while boasting power outputs of between 545-570Wp. The Niwa Black of 54-cell is available in all-black design which weight just 27kg with a power output of between 405-430Wp available for residential and commercial rooftop.

As an emerging market of photovoltaic with a bright future, LATAM is close to the equator, with vast land and rich natural resources, strong radiation and long time. Discovered the advantages of LATAM, Jolywood plan to bring LATAM market with its n-type TOPCon technology. N-type module has the advantages of high power, high efficiency, better bifaciality, low LeTID risk, no LID risk, better temperature coefficient which is suitable for the extremes of the tropics.

Brazil is the largest solar market in South America that contributed nearly 42% of the total South American solar energy production from 2018 with its primary drivers of the market include government initiatives. Jolywood module had globally installed in over 50 countries. This participation in the Smarter E is a big step forward for Jolywood to the Brazilian market to promote renewable energy, to stabilize the growing carbon footprint, and to have sustainable form of energy for Brazil even LATAM.