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Jolywood received one more award for "single top photovoltaic module brand"
November 29, the 9th "One Belt And One Road" new energy innovation and development forum was held in Nanjing. At the award ceremony held at the same time, Jolywood was awarded "single top photovoltaic module brand" for its outstanding performance in in solar power plant applications, and Mr. Lin Jianwei, chairman of Jolywood group, was awarded "outstanding entrepreneur" for his brilliant contributions to the industry.


Jolywood awarded "single top photovoltaic module brand"

As the world's first mass producer of n-type TOPCon solar cells and modules, Jolywood has been committed to the development of highly efficiency products, and promoting technical reform in the industry. Through the n-type silicon material, TOPCon, triangle welding belt, half-cell, and the application of Jolywood transparent grid backsheet, Jolywood n-type bifacial module can reach 460W, which is one of the most efficient solar modules in the industry. Also, Jolyuwood modules have good performance in high bifacial ratio (average 80-85%), low degradation (≤1% 1st year and ≤0.4% in the next 29 years), low temperature coefficiency and low LeTID, etc. All these issues make Jolywood modules generate more capacity than the same grade PERC products. The difference is more if applied in more harsh environment.
With the continuous leading technology innovation and healthy financial status, Jolywood receives continuous welcome from home and abroad. The 200MW high-efficiency n-type bifacial modules provided for Sihong top runner project is the world's largest n-type bifacial water surface project. The 125MW Oman project will be grid connected in December, which will be the 1st n-type bifacial project in the Middle East. In the future, Jolywood will continue its efforts on  technical innovation, to promote the development of renewable energy .